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How do I define my work as a photographer? To constantly adopt new perspectives in my own art and passion and to deal with them in order to develop new ideas and be open to the diversity of my own creativity.

Even though I’ve had a camera in my hand for over ten years, I would hardly describe myself as wise or experienced, because I’m always learning. And that’s what photography is all about for me: developing my creativity to discover and create something new again and again. I want to tell stories with my pictures and bring characters to life. My own aspiration is exactly this – it’s about this special, emotional, aesthetic and narrative that my pictures should show.

My name is Keno, I’m 29 years old and I live in East Frisia on the North Sea coast in the northwest of Lower Saxony. I would describe myself as a rather uncreative person in many ways – drawing, painting or making music has never been my thing. Instead, I discovered my fascination for photography many years ago and have remained faithful to cameras to this day, because that’s what inspires me.

I have found my home in cosplay photography, where I have fallen for the charm of the diversity of the cosplay scene. No two characters are the same and there are virtually no limits to your own creativity. I love the challenge of constantly adapting to new scenes and stories in order to perfectly capture the respective personalities and their own style. I’m always happy to pick up my camera for this!

My photography is my hobby – that’s why I don’t have a business and don’t earn any money with it, but work solely on a TfP basis, because I’m all about creativity, art and the fun of it. I would describe my own style as colorful, intense and lively. From time to time, however, it can also be a little darker. But feel free to take a look at my social media profiles yourself, because after all, my pictures should tell the stories and not me.

I’m always happy to receive requests for collaboration, but I’m also happy to receive praise, suggestions and, yes, criticism about my pictures, so feel free to send me a message here or on social media!

Video filmed and created by Terobes Arts, thank you very much!

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